Hudson River Suspends Drilling on Glenrock Gold Property

Hudson River Minerals Ltd. (“Hudson River”) (TSX-V:HRM) has suspended its Glenrock drill program at the request of the Batchewana First Nation (the “BFN”), which is claiming traditional aboriginal rights within the area.

The Company had been in consultations with BFN since February 2011 regarding access to Hudson River’s mineral claims on the Glenrock property in order to conduct the proposed drill program that was announced on May 31, 2011. BFN is requiring Hudson River to obtain a “BFN Exploration Drill Permit” (the “BFN Drill Permit”) in order for Hudson River to access the Glenrock property to carry out its exploration program.
Hudson River has consulted with the Ministry of Northern Development and Mines (“MNDM”) on whether such a drill permit is necessary.

MNDM has advised Hudson River that consultation with First Nations groups is required prior to commencement of a drill program. MNDM has also advised Hudson River that Hudson River has the legal right to explore on the Glenrock property through its valid mineral claims and that a BFN Drill Permit is not required.

Hudson River continued its consultations with BFN until May 26, 2011, when it became clear that BFN would deny Hudson River assess to its mining claims unless Hudson River acquiesced to BFN’s claim that BFN had the right to deny access to the Glenrock property unless a BFN Drill Permit was issued. The BFN has contacted MNDM and announced they will block Hudson River’s drill program if Hudson River proceeds without a BFN Drill Permit. The BFN also advised the MNDM of a possible burial site in the area of the Hudson River drill program.

MNDM officials visited with BFN to discuss the matter on June 1, 2011, but were unable to convince the BFN to allow Hudson River access to its mining claims and further, that a BFN Drill Permit was not required for Hudson River to conduct its exploration program. MNDM also visited the drill site with Hudson River personnel and commented that there are no burial grounds in the area of the proposed drill program and that the drill site was acceptable for Hudson River’s drilling activities.

Because BFN is denying Hudson River its right to access its mineral claims on the Glenrock property, Hudson River has decided to cancel its proposed drill program at the Glenrock site. Hudson River will focus on its other exploration projects until such time as the Company is satisfied that it can continue exploring at Glenrock without interruption.

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